Where Is Your Real Estate Mind Set?

I recommend anyone looking to buy a home in the near future to read this article “Mistakes homebuyers make as seller’s market looms”  as it touches on many vital points to consider.  Buying today has changed and those who are slow to change their mindset may find themselves frustrated and discouraged.    Currently the market has made a fundamental shift but it is easy to stay caught in an old mindset.  The ‘Buyers’ market in many areas has all but diminished for now.  Where the future goes time will tell.

A couple of my favorite highlights in the article are;

  • Some buyers don’t realize or can’t accept that the market has changed, real estate agents and analysts say.
  • “Right off the bat, buyers say, ‘I want a steal,’ and I tell them they have to wipe that word out of their vocabulary,”
  • WAITING TO GET PREAPPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE BEFORE STARTING THE SEARCH: During the boom years, buyers didn’t worry about arranging their financing up front because mortgages were easy to get. Not so anymore.

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4 Responses to “Where Is Your Real Estate Mind Set?”

  1. Metro Denver Says:

    That was an interesting post. It is good to know that there are certain things you need to consider every time you plan to get yourself on real estate.

  2. Mari Käyhkö Says:

    No wonder they are your favorite,as an real estate agent strategy are not been so useful,a people who really want to have immediately a new house will surely like a home base on quality and how you talk to the client.well i love your article.

  3. Treasure Valley HOA Management Says:

    Pretty good job with the post. There are a lot of things about home buying that you should know first that the Idiot’s Guide book wouldn’t tell you. Flexibility I guess is a very good mind set when engaging in real estate.

  4. Wannabe Green Says:

    Nice Blog…….! thanks for sharing this awesome information its may help us in various ways.
    its also very informative blog

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