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2012 Wilderness Ranch Idaho Annual Real Estate Sales Report

February 4, 2013


Our Annual Review of Real Estate sales in Wilderness Ranch for 2012 and your 2013 forecast.

By: Paul Heim & The New View Team

Wow what a year!  While I had forecasted in last year’s report that we had passed the bell curve and would see an increase in market values for 2012, the market surpassed what anyone had expected or predicted.  We saw an unprecedented turn around in the Treasure Valley real estate market.  Overall values increased anywhere from 10% to 15%. These gains were primarily in homes under $350,000 but higher priced homes benefited also.

What were the causes and effects?  What we witnessed was a market correction.  It showed that homes had become undervalued.  I like to use the Circuit City analogy.  ‘Best Buy won the war’, … however I would bet Circuit City had way more customers the last four months they were open during  their  ‘Going Out of Business Sale’.  Best Buy had no way to compete with their prices those last months, but after their biggest competitor was finally gone, they knew they would see a spike in their growth and profit.

Likewise, as the banks ‘Going Out of Business Sales’ (foreclosed homes) were nearing a completion, the average seller was not able to compete with these prices.  We then entered a period of contraction.  This simply means we had more buyers than available listed properties.  Supply and demand rules ensued.

With the low inventory of listings on the market, we often dealt with multiple bids in the Valley when homes were priced competitively.  But how did Boise County and Wilderness Ranch fair in comparison? 

In 2012 East Boise County finally crossed an important barrier.  For 18 months we had no sales over $230,000 and that was causing difficulty in appraisals.  Not that the value wasn’t there in higher priced homes, just that appraisers couldn’t validate them for the lenders and the lenders need the appraisals to issue the loans.   The New View Team was able to complete two high-end sales (Boise County, but not in WR) very early spring, (cash deals) that helped remove that barrier and set precedence for every other sale and refinance that occurred moving forward in 2012.

Boise County tends to lag behind the Boise Valley (Ada County) by six to twelve months typically.   The Boise Valley saw a noticeable turn in the market starting the fourth quarter of 2011 so we anticipated it to carry over to Boise County by spring, but as summer set in it happened better than anyone had expected.  No complaints here!

Here are some graphs to illustrate key trends in the Boise Valley and East Boise County Real Estate Markets

Idaho Mountain Real Estate Stats

Homes in Idaho

How home sales compared in Boise County Idaho and Wilderness Ranch 2003 through 2012

2013 Forecast:

Boise is still seeing a contraction as developers try to re-group and get approval on new parcels through the hoops of planning and zoning for building.

I expect to see more homeowners (who were previously tight on the current value vs. what they owe) attempt to list in 2013, now that values have increased.  Nationally, home prices are predicted to increase 1% to 3%, but I predict Treasure Valley real estate increases to be somewhere between 3% to 5% conservatively.

In part, this projected increase will be due to a rebound in land values, which affects ‘over all’ home values.

Boise County, I believe, will see the START of a land recovery in Spring of 2013.  Whether it will do as good as housing did in 2012 is yet to be seen.  If you are looking to invest, then NOW may be a good opportunity to consider land, prior to a potential rebound.

I would suspect we will see more building and new construction homes taking place in Boise County in 2013.

There are some other exciting things happening in Boise County potentially for 2013 and we will keep you updated with them as the year progresses.  Some highlights are:

–          The opening of the Hot Springs in Idaho City which will help this end of the county economically.

–          Dr Matt Nelson’s new Family Practice office, which will be located directly across from the old Rock’s Lodge.

If you have any real estate related questions, please feel free to call or email us anytime, or visit our website!  We would love to hear from you.

Paul Heim & the New View Team

(208) 344-5700 – office

(208) 794-8175 – Paul Mobile

Latest Housing trends for Real Estate in Idaho

March 17, 2011

Rents in the Treasure Valley area are steadily increasing upwards this year and are predicted to continue their climb as the shortage of available units becomes apparent.   What does that mean for you?  Now is a great time to buy.

Interest rates are still low and there are a lot of Boise area homes available to choose from in varied price ranges. Read the latest real estate news trends and forecasts for the Boise Idaho area and national news.   As always, please call or write if you have any questions.

Jingle Mail? What is it and is it your best bet?

December 10, 2010

Over these last few years of our housing collapse, while working as an Idaho real estate agent in this current economy, I have been approached by a number of people whom desire my opinion.  They have a mortgage, good employment but fret over how upside down they are on their homes value.  Are you upside down or underwater on your home or property?

There has been a new wave of people simply dropping the keys in the mail and walking away from their homes and defaulting, although capable of fulfilling their obligations.   Hence the coin ‘jingle mail’.  I am not addressing those that are in a distressed situation where payment is impossible and whom may try to short sale but those that would not qualify for a short sale because of sound income, savings and employment.

Now there are the moral obligations to consider, but along with it seems to come a million excuses to get around them.  But lets look forward time-wise and calculate the costs.  These are some of the things I have seen and heard occur to people.

  • When you default you will destroy your credit, and I am not talking about a 1 year set back on your credit score, but perhaps seven to ten years before you can get another mortgage.
  • You may find that some of your existing creditors such as your credit card provider may send you a nice ‘Dear John’ letter cutting your credit or cancelling it all together.  Now I am not a big proponent of credit, but it would be pretty inconvenient today to try to rent a car, reserve a hotel room and a myriad of other things without one.
  • So you moved on, your renting a new place for cheap, or maybe you bought that second home first prior to defaulting.  Maybe it was a great bargain, got it on auction or it was a foreclosure sale, like the one someone will get when they buy yours.  Life sounds peachy now, maybe it goes something like this; ‘were putting extra money away, even taking an extra vacation.  I can expect my values to increase and get a realistic return profit someday,  Wow I am making money as I sleep’.  Sounds good in theory but while your sleeping soundly with your head on that pillow, dreaming about how you beat the system, there is someone somewhere going over files determining whom and in what order they intend to pursue for judgement.  Maybe it will be the bank, worse yet probably one of them cut throat folks that buy defaulted loans and hence the rights to sue you for a judgement.  I think the owner of every one of them has someone named Vinny on the payroll.   When you receive that letter the party is over.   I have seen judgement’s come against people, seen huge payroll garnishments, excessive legal fees, etc….  So now what?  Probably decide that bankruptcy is a good choice.  While it does exist to assist people to start over it also comes with its own draw backs and expenditures.

All said and done, keep in mind that the financial gain you seem to make at the start is short sighted, it can and will probably costs you more over the next ten years of your life both financially and emotionally.  Does it seem fair?  I would have to say yes and no.  We all make decisions everyday, hopefully for the better but it doesn’t always turn out how we hoped.  But that doesn’t excuse us of the responsibility of those decisions.  Lord knows I made a few over the years that were maybe good ideas but bad timing, or just a bad idea all together.  Life happens, we move forward.  If your loosing sleep on how much value you lost in your home then you need to refocus.  Keep your savings plan, retirement plan,  if possible make an extra payment per year or two.  If you pay a little extra per month that in the end of the year equals to or greater than your monthly payment, you would be shocked at how many years that will knock off your mortgage.  For example, a thousand dollars off your principle now, over 30 years can save you over three thousand dollars.  When you closed on your home, remember that spreadsheet they showed you for amortization? Its what I call, ‘the truth and scary’ report.  The one that shows you what you will end up paying at the end of the term for your home after interest.  You can beat that system by paying principle early.  If you do this over the next five years not only will you have reduced your mortgage considerably, but eventually we hope the market will catch back up and you can meet it in the middle.  Either way, I think over ten years (the time it will take to re-establish your name and credit) you will come out far stronger and better situated then taking the quick gain. I wish all of you success in your worthy endeavors.

Idaho Real Estate Updates

October 7, 2010

SEPTEMBER – 2010 Newsletter Housing Trends eNewsletter

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‘How to Buy foreclosures’ and ‘When to reduce your Price’

May 25, 2010

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